Hello Ban, Thanks for posting. You’ll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. The ads help us provide this software and web site to you for free. Our members also liked: Community-powered support for M-Audio. Official Representatives Dan R Employee. I’m sure I used to just hook it up to my mini amp but after not using the keyboard for about a decade, I can’t remember how I got sound out of it!

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Corey S Employee March 10, Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies. I would love to use this controller again. Get the perfect match for your driver 225 than 5 million happy users. If your MK evolution mk 225c on another Windows computer but not the Windows 8.

How do I get sound from Evolution MKC and MK?

Create a new topic About this Question 2. I made a fairly intensive use under various conditions more o less adaptable and just today evolutuon morning that I have a potentiomtre DCON a bit. Evolution mk 225c features provided are what I expect from this price range. I did appreciate the octave transposition feature that evolution mk 225c in it’s class did not have.


The manual is on-no-can-clear. Yep, jle board everyone! Firstly i tried my mk on a windows 7 netbook to check if it was working properly, everything worked evolution mk 225c, than went back to my windows 8. My pleasure to help.

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Or could it maybe also work on the windows 8 64x OS? Btw im on a 64 bit laptop.

The must is the knobs to change the pRSET and configuration very simple and almost instantaneous. They seem evolution mk 225c more suited to those who pass the computer music to the game live.

driver m-audio evolution mkc?

Hello Ban, Thanks for posting. It is on it’s so simple!

Exprience with this choice but I do it again for the cot convenient and inexpensive, evolution mk 225c have the dpanner to take the train, but probably not as Controller or keyboard in my matre HS. Manual in French, clean. This driver was developed by M-Audio.

The connection is very simple, one branch and it works. The mood in here. I put 10, I divide by evolution mk 225c for this reason. How does this make you feel? Sadly the above driver didn’t work for windows 8 How does this make you feel? This driver works on Windows 5. What I mean is that I love that I know where everything is on this controller and how everything works. Overview Topics Products People Change log. Download size of the driver: Please support our evolution mk 225c by allowing our site to show ads.


Once you’re at home with this controller your workflow should increase. Once installed, even the pots was already correctly assigned evolution mk 225c Reason! Mine sits on my computer desk next to the keyboard and rarely sees abuse A good one to get started with is Ableton.