It’s not alone, though. Like most chipsets, the nForce SLI is split between north and south bridge components. To the very left of the photo is the auxiliary molex for PCIe power; close to the PCIe slots, which makes sense, but is not the best place to route a power cable to. The heatsink, however, isn’t particularly tall and doesn’t provide an awful lot of cooling. Indeed, a watercooled installation may well have minimal airflow in this region.

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MSI K9N SLI Platinum nForce SLI Motherboard Review –

Supermicro servers compromised by Chinese hardware backdoors. Even if you drop two double-slot cards into this system, you should still have a x1 PCIe slots and two PCI slots to populate with whatever expansion cards tickle your fancy PPU, anyone?

Despite the black PCB there seems to be plenty of colour on the board, from the USB and FireWire headers on the left, to the colour-coded memory banks. K9n sli platinum 10 October update. Hands-on with the Oppo R17, a phone with a unique looking notch and an in-display k9n sli platinum sensor Update: It’s interesting to see so many legacy connections, given that there’s k9n sli platinum one PATA connector on the board. About us Privacy k9b Mailing list Mobile. That’s how he rolls. Beginners Guides Cases and Access.

Once k9n sli platinum, good airflow is required to do a decent job of the keeping the nm-based chipset cool, and that heatsink’s going to get hot regardless. However, we’ve yet to see dual x16 SLI configurations offer tangible performance benefits over dual x8 setups.

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MSI’s K9N SLI Platinum motherboard

Further, cooling relies greatly upon airflow in that area, which, depending on the CPU heatsink used, can be very poor. The D-Bracket 2 basically acts as a Port 80 card plahinum help diagnose problems during boot-up.

You can reach out to them here. This includes a full array k9n sli platinum six SATA 3. Motherboards Previous page Next page. The ATX motherboard comes in a nice shade of black, and thankfully with none of those annoying LEDs plastered everywhere in a vain k9n sli platinum to convince you that it’s cool.

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Around the back there are the two gigabit ethernet ports with DualNet support, plus the usual array of connectors. We’ve asked Nvidia if this is the case, and they would only k9n sli platinum that the two chips are “very similar.

Click to find out more. Because of memory controller differences, this is more or less to ensure users do not install the wrong CPUs into a Socket AM2 motherboard.

Install a long graphics card that k9n sli platinum up two slots into this motherboard and chances are you will lose the ability to use SATA port number 5, which is a little annoying. In many k9n sli platinum this can be quite an k9n sli platinum place to have the connector, so we’d rather have seen it placed a bit further away. MSI is one of the first l9n to have released information about their upcoming AM2 motherboards and only very recently unveiled their K9N soi.

By the time Socket AM2 processors are launched in June, it is expected that DDR memory will not only be in good supply, but will come in at an attractive price, working well for AMD.


Platunum fact, the similarities between the two chipsets are so striking that we suspect that the nForce SLI’s south bridge component is little more than an nForce SLI chip k9n sli platinum disguise.

The board comes lpatinum to us as pretty well-thought out. Ever k9n sli platinum information about Socket AM2 has been released onto k9n sli platinum masses, there slli been much speculation on its performance due to DDR2 latency timings in conjunction with the Athlon 64’s integrated memory design as well as AMD’s silicon problems.

Indeed, a watercooled installation may well have minimal airflow in this region. If you still have a little question nagging at the back of your head in regards to compatibility, we’ll answer it for you. Razer Sila router slithers into view with mesh networking capability.

The technical specifications below are currently based on the publicly available information from MSI and NVIDIA, but bear in mind k9n sli platinum specifications may still change before the official launch dates. AMD’s move towards their next generation platform change has so far trudged along secretly, which is uncharacteristic of the bold and often outspoken microprocessor giant. K99n pay a lot less, too.