Casino slots bukkit plugin

casino slots bukkit plugin

Bukkit page: http://dev. bukkit - plugins / casino - slots / List of Actions: http:// dev. You can now switch between the usual Slot Machine visual or the available through each Slot Machine files (plugins / SlotMachine /machines/). See http://dev. casino - slots /pages/info/ Just put the into the server's plugin directory, restart the server. GNU General Public License ver Ignore BobbyTowers, he's trying to make people pay for it. Features Animated, block-based slot machines, including audio Highly customization Tracks statistics Costs and prizes supported through practically all economy plugins Configurable custom prizes and actions upon winning Permissions superperms Commands For a full list of all commands either go http: Ti0n3b Yo your faking retarded m8. Last edited by DeluxeCraft: Search Forums Recent Posts. casino slots bukkit plugin Last edited by ShadowedDreamer: If not, is it possible to add it? Last edited by ke4zzy: I turned on debugging, but it just resets the config to the original broken one xD I'm running Vault and Craftconomy3. Everything is highly customisable! Make sure to also fulfill dependencies outlined below.

Casino slots bukkit plugin - Neukunde

It just sticks and the slot machines say they're still in use and don't give anything. It displays the message saying the reward was distributed, but there is no item in the inventory. Other money things like shops work just fine o. The slot machines are compact and elegant, designed to give you large amounts of freedom to sculpt them any way you'd like. GNU General Public License ver DarkBladee12 please update for 1. I turned on debugging, but it just resets the config to the original broken one xD I'm running Vault and Craftconomy3. Winner - 3 diamond blocks! Write [CoinShop] in the first line of a sign and click done, now it'll create a coin shop sign automagically! Don't work in 1. Slot Ball y can now be created on blocks too! Overview Overview Project Info Files Issues Source Pages Relations Dependencies Dependents Follow Donate. Upon punching, the player will be deducted the play-cost and the slots will spin. Hi, I have a question , plug-in is working correctly , so do not argue. No, I don't want your money as I don't need it and the plugin is open source. YOU can contribute to ItemSlotMachine! But I have never seen any proper slot machines. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Dependencies Vault Economy - can be any that are supported by vault. Added config option to display the information when we kept a chunk loaded, this defaults to false. Fixed the broadcast action not including the latest colors. Configuration Documentation will be located: Description Configuration Customization Video Pictures Forum thread. Do you already have an account?

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Minecraft Bukkit 1.2.5 Server Plugin Casino Slots by BukkitSupport [GER] [HD]

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