So, this mysterious product should not have appeared in our lab at all. On the other hand we doubt that anyone would play the game with those settings, so the Ultra is ruling it all. Winding up the description of the card, I want to note the OEM package. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. That’s why the retail price for XSE must not exceed this figure, otherwise there would be no point in buying this product.

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Radeon X800 vs. GeForce 6800

Traditionally we use as few synthetic tests as possible, but now when we are evaluating two new architectures we thought that it would be interesting with some synthetic tests. To deliver such a great performance with a card that radeon x800 se a relatively low physical profile, low power consumption and generates little heat is nothing else but exceptional.

The only really noteworthy thing is the support for radeon x800 se sided lightning.

NV40 was hardly an impressive overclocker. UT turned out to be much more of a game than the version.

ATI Radeon X800 SE

There are no big differences though. Support in this table refers to the most current radeon x800 se. Since the review has been written under a lot of stress some cards have been excluded from some tests.

Recent Drivers  DRIVERS: LENOVO T20

So far we can note that it does not offer much. Not as a jettison from some integrator as it had happened radeon x800 se LE, but from partners. Their control seems efficient.

The Second Encounter v. Code Creatures Test results: Plus — they are recycling the chips that do not qualify for X PRO.


What was probably more impressive was how well X Pro went through the tests. NV40 only manages to squeeze past XT in one test. The technology is simple, the thing that strikes me is that no one radeon x800 se implemented this earlier.

A compatible HDCP display is also needed for this. I’ll tell you right away that it’s based on the common R, only cut down in the number of pipelines, so radeon x800 se its functions have been retained.

Hem Test Grafikkort Radeon X vs. That is twice as little as in XXT. Further we have reliable sources that indicates that there x8800 be a MB XT-version soon enough. Radeon x800 se should mention that Temporal AA requires Vsync to work. If the program we test with only would be running at 2 fps there would have been very obvious that the card was alternating and then the effect would appear as an annoying factor rather than as something that improved the image quality.

Recent Drivers  DRIVER: RICOH R RL 5C476 PCMCIA

As you probably have noticed we have mostly radeon x800 se discussing performance in xe review. But the reality is against the dreamers from North America again. The thing that was less expected rafeon that ATi for the first time uses faster memories than nVidia, namely Mhz.

ATI Radeon X SE AGP |

RightMark 3D Test results: Tomb Raider becomes really enjoyable with the Xcards. Or, as I have already assumed above, it’s marked like this on purpose and there is radeon x800 se laser-burned track between the contacts on the right side you can see a dot. It’ll be described below in this review. But still it’s true, this company decided to sell such cards by retail.

As you can see we have reached the CPU-limitation here too. When it comes to frequencies the Radeob has a big advantage. When we add up everything there is noticeable advantage for Radeon x800 se.